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Exhibition A sells exclusive limited editions of artwork by top contemporary artists at prices you can afford. We partner with artists whose work is exhibited at well-respected galleries and sought after by serious collectors to launch at least one new edition per week.
What is a limited edition print?
A limited edition print comes from an edition with a predetermined, finite quantity. For example, a limited edition of 50 means only 50 prints will ever be created in this edition. Our limited editions are delivered with a Certificate of Authenticity that is hand signed and numbered (e.g. 1/50) by the artist or a founder of Exhibition A. 
What is a limited time open edition?
An “open edition” is a print with no predetermined limit to the number that can be produced. Each Exhibition A open edition will be available for sale on ExhibitionA.com for a limited period of 4 weeks. Once the edition closes, the print will no longer be available for sale on ExhibitionA.com and no additional prints will be made.
We will reveal the total number of prints that were printed during any limited time open edition sale in the Archive section of our site after the edition has closed. Exhibition A may print up to 25 pieces for our own inventory. This means that the “QTY PRINTED” revealed in the Archive section includes prints sold to customers as well as prints printed for Exhibition A’s archive. For example, if 80 prints are sold to online customers and 20 are printed for Exhibition A’s archive, the “QTY PRINTED” will be revealed as 100 on the Archive page. The important thing to remember is that after that number is revealed on the archive page, no additional prints will be made.
Build an art collection
If you already collect art, this is an excellent way to add to your collection without breaking the bank. If you don't collect—well, why not? A dollar spent decorating your home or office could also be a dollar spent building your art collection. Why just decorate when you can collect? 
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Interior photography: Matt Hranek and Lee Clower. 

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