Sprite Sprite Sprite Sprite Sprite

DIMENSIONS 20" x 15" MEDIUM archival pigment print

Limited edition of 50, 2014
Accompanied by certificate of authenticity signed and numbered by the artist

Known for his vibrant panels covered with maze-like symbols, Jack-O-Lantern smiles, and Matisse-esque flora, Jamison Brosseau deconstructs and simplifies patterns from nature and culture to create symbolic imagery in the form of flattened shapes. Through a repetitive process that involves Sharpie drawings on yellow legal paper, Brosseau is able to parse out foreground and background through line, making decisions about color only after constructing the composition. The resulting paintings are built through many thin layers of paint applied quickly, with drips accepted as part of the process. Sprite with its eponymous tri-color palette emerges as a lively character, made iconic through our own cultural associations.

Framing option is black or white painted wood, 7/8" wide flat face and 7/8" deep, with UV acrylic glass.

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