Night Swim
Night Swim Night Swim Night Swim Night Swim

DIMENSIONS 20" x 16" MEDIUM archival pigment print

Limited edition of 50, 2018
Accompanied by certificate of authenticity signed and numbered by the artist

Tension, disconnect, joy, pleasure. Are they not one in the same, navigating and traversing the cross-fields of human intimacy in powerful surges?

In Kimia Ferdowsi Kline's body of work, she sensitively tackles the vast notion of intimacy, with its repercussions and results manifesting her painterly images that pair degrees of physical proximity with the spectrum of psychological distance. Kline often depicts her subjects amidst interaction with the outside world; landscapes serving as metaphor for the rich internal psychological landscapes that cannot always communicate as immediately and with such poignant fervor as the salty brush of a submerging wave. Technically, Kline retains an efficient system of mark-making that strips down both the surface and the content to their essence, speaking to the universality of human experience.

In Night Swim, two female figures become one with the night. Subsumed by twilit darkness, their fragile lines cement stoically together in an underwater embrace that is simultaneously devoid and charged with narrative meaning

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