Double A
Double A Double A Double A

DIMENSIONS 11" x 14" MEDIUM pigmented plaster on paper

Limited edition of 20, 2017
Signed and numbered on the back by the artist

Elise Ferguson will mount two concurrent exhibitions with Halsey McKay this month – Eights opens April 15 in the gallery's East Hampton location, and Shutter opens April 19 at the gallery's Henry St location in New York City. To create Double A, Elise Ferguson worked in her studio, directly silkscreening pigmented plaster onto coldpress paper, echoing the exact process utilized when creating her larger body of work. Inspired by architect Louis Kahn and his modernist re-envisioning of concrete as a primary medium, Ferguson uses common building materials to craft geometric compositions that explore illusionary space and materiality. A handmade edition of 20, Double A balances the precise delicacy of Ferguson's aesthetic with her transformative usage of everyday materials.

Each piece features slight variations and should be handled with care. 

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