Big Fruit 11

DIMENSIONS 22” x 18.5” MEDIUM Flashe paint and archival pigment print on paper

Hand-embellished series of 20, 2021
Signed and numbered by the artist on front

Limit of one piece from the series per customer.

Big Fruit is our second collaboration with New York based painter James Ulmer and his first hand-embellished series with Exhibition A. The compositions in Ulmer's body of work, featuring bright Flashe color, often silhouetted figures, uncanny sizing, and expressive gestures, present paradoxes which evoke the magical sweetness of subjectivity — characters are figurative yet abstract, negative space is both background and foreground, and simplicity belies the carefully calculated compositions. With scenes centered on various degrees of interaction between humans, animals, and objects, Ulmer's undulating lines and amoebic shapes recall the inherent cycle and connectivity in all things.

James Ulmer has held solo exhibitions at Marvins Gardens (Brooklyn) and Amala Gallery (Tokyo). Select group exhibitions include Good Pictures at Jeffrey Dietch (Los Angeles) curated by Austin Lee, Peanuts at Eighteen Gallery (Copenhagen) curated by Eddie Martinez, A Being in the World at Salon 94 (New York), She Sells Seashells by the Seashore at Eric Firestone Gallery (East Hampton), and The Coyote at Steinsland Berliner Gallery (Stockholm) among others. Ulmer lives in Queens, New York.

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