Coyote Moon 08
Coyote Moon 08 Coyote Moon 08

DIMENSIONS 21.5" x 15.5" MEDIUM Acrylic and archival pigment print on Hahnemuhle museum etching paper

Hand-embellished series of 15 + 3APs + 2PPs, 2022
Signed and numbered by the artist on front

    Dreamy, surreal visions disguise as traditional landscapes in Neil Raitt’s impossible worlds. Familiar flora and fauna figure prominently in his compositions, yet their formations pry away from reality — a forest radiates rose quartz, mossy caves reveal rainbow shores, a wolf-like silhouette creates a portal in the sky. Based on a recent painting Coyote Moon that was exhibited during Raitt’s 2021 solo exhibition at Anat Egbi Gallery, his new series of hand-embellished prints explore core techniques of his practice, like how the meticulous nature of painted repetition subverts our understanding of what it means to be artificial and the degree to which expressive color aids this journey. Exploring the possibilities that lay in the surrounding sky, Raitt says, “I was interested in drawing on various approaches to cloud formations, sunsets and starry nights. Forming the 'skin' of the coyote, fading suns and crescent moons each offer something different to the character of the animal, creating a subtle presence in some of the darker moonlit nights, while in others it jumps to the foreground through acid greens and yellows.”

    Neil Raitt has held solo exhibitions at Anat Egbi Gallery (Los Angeles), Galerie Chez Valentin (Paris), The Cabin (Los Angeles), Mon Cheri (Brussels), The Goss Michael Foundation (Dallas), and Nicelle Beauchene (New York) among others. Select group exhibitions include presentations at Rental Gallery (East Hampton), Praz-Delavellade (Los Angeles), The Porch Museum (New York), The Hole (New York), Choi & Lagar (Cologne), Winter Projects (London), Piccadilly Place (Manchester, UK), and the Departure Foundation (London). Raitt currently lives and works in London.  

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