Cracks #7
Cracks #7 Cracks #7

DIMENSIONS 24" x 18" MEDIUM acrylic on canvas and archival pigment print

Signed series of 10, 2017

Rachel Eulena Williams liberates her work beyond the confines of categorization. Her wall-mounted works defy classification and instead exist as amalgamations of painting, sculpture, and weavings. Employing novel reworkings of painted canvas and textiles, Williams creates dynamic formations which twist kinetically into contained explosions of color, line, and texture.

For our exclusive series with Williams, Cracks, now available on Exhibition A, we’ve captured her characteristic combination of aggressive blunt cuts with tenderly sewn moments. Using an archival pigment print as her base, Cracks incorporates fragments of large scale paintings on canvas. Collaged curved shapes are intuitively cut from larger works and the final step in a process that supports destruction recycle and reuse. As Williams says, "Coming together like windows into many larger picture planes this series acts like a web connecting to countless paintings and other works in my practice."

Each piece is unique and features intentional variants as created by the artist.
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