Eric Eric

DIMENSIONS 8.5" x 11"  MEDIUM acrylic, enamel, and watercolor on paper, 2017

This original drawing is signed on the front by the artist.

Familiarity is fickle; memory is unreliable; and nostalgia is negation. B. Thom Stevenson’s practice — which spans drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, and performance — recognizes and embraces these truisms by subjecting imagery culled from an eclectic selection of sources to a series of deconstructionist reworkings until the images are renewed afresh. His main references include niche yet ubitiquous materials such as informational leaflets, anarchist manifestos, DIY culture, cult horror movies, vintage quilt templates, and Celtic stone carvings. The chasm between distinctly separate subcultures is reduced via Stevenson’s unique process aimed to remove the artist’s hand, which includes a series of drafting, xeroxing, photographing, painting, then xeroxing and painting again. 

In his new series of ten drawings, titled Children of the Sun, available exclusively on Exhibition A, Stevenson has created a new cycle of imagery, drawn from images of images; a simulacrum. Using xeroxed images of paintings as reference, his works on paper were xeroxed drawings originally drafted from observation or invention. Ultimately, Stevenson’s work is powerfully evocative, as the viewer is challenged to place the familiar yet foreign iconography utilized throughout his oeuvre.

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