Escape 11
Escape 11 Escape 11 Escape 11 Escape 11

DIMENSIONS 19" x 18.5" MEDIUM Acrylic  and archival pigment print on Hahnemuhle museum etching paper

Hand-embellished series of 20 + 3APs + 2PPs, 2021
Signed, dated and numbered by the artist on front 

Royal Jarmon is offering us the escape we deserve. A chance to sneak away, catch a breath of city air as the wind tells its stories of debris, above and below. Like classic still lifes, Jarmon’s fire escape paintings capture objects in scenes of momentary stillness, suspending reality within a world ostensibly in flux. In his new hand-embellished series, Escape, Jarmon has created 20 unique scenes that typify his exploration of this legendary element of New York City architecture. Objects in the foreground come alive, becoming the fixation of our daydreams, portals through which we escape, while the backgrounds remain deliberately hazy. The act of creation is itself an avenue to freedom; in his body of work, Jarmon has experimented with abstracted, flattened versions of maps of the United States and NASCAR vehicles, demonstrating an ongoing examination of psychological and material relations. And perhaps this, the opportunity to look at things differently, is the best escape of all. 

Royal Jarmon has held solo exhibitions at Allouche Benias Gallery (Athens), Over the Influence (Hong Kong), The Hole (New York), and Castor Gallery (New York) among others. Select group exhibitions include presentations at The Hole, Mott Projects (Catskill), Silver Art Projects (New York), Ramp Gallery (London), and Eric Firestone Gallery (East Hampton). Jarmon currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. 

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