Night Car (morning star) 10
Night Car (morning star) 10 Night Car (morning star) 10

DIMENSIONS 21" x 16" MEDIUM water soluble wax pastel & 14-color silkscreen on Canson Mi-Teintes Drawing Paper

Hand-embellished series of 30 + 3APs + 2PPs, 2021
Signed, dated and numbered by the artist on front


  • There is a limit of one Eliot Greenwald work per collector. This limit applies across both editions, meaning you may purchase one Greenwald work total, not per edition.
  • Collectors will be required to sign a resale agreement prior to shipping that prohibits the resale or transfer of the work for a period of 18 months from the purchase date. 

Eliot talks about the repeating compositions of his Night Car series, which involve the same two characters. Night Car is the vessel, and Dweeby Dimlight is the environment. The artist explores the multitude of relationships that two entities can have, un-have, re-learn and forget again within each new piece of the series. This brings pleasing notes of both symmetry and discord to the work. This edition of 14-color silkscreen prints, each uniquely hand-embellished by the artist, encapsulates the paradigms of the entire Night Car series. The sense of adventure, of movement, is unmistakable.

Eliot Greenwald (b.1983, USA) is self-taught artist currently working out of Ashfield, MA. Takin’ the Riverboat out on Snake Lake, was Eliot's first show with Harper's in 2021 in New York City. He has presented his work at group shows in New York, London, and Seoul. During lockdown, the Night Car painting series developed significantly, as his precise use of color on canvas and paper creates scenes that are often eerie despite being full of vibrant accents and contrasts. His work shows an impressive mastery of light and shade, as well as the ability to deploy gradients with impressive effects on the emotional response of the viewer.

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