Peace, Love, and Basketball #1

DIMENSIONS 21" x 15" MEDIUM cyanotype on cotton fabric

Accompanied by certificate of authenticity signed and numbered by the artist

Andrea Bergart's body of work defies immediate classification and rightfully so: a blend of fine art, fashion, design, and sports, Bergart's creations deliver a harmonized synthesis emblematic of cultural connectivity in 2018. Her hybrid forms have explored the creative potential of these cross-sections via a diverse series of recent projects including painting custom murals on cement trucks in Brooklyn and her highly coveted Basketball Bag series.

In her fine art studio practice, Bergart finds her inspiration in her passion for sports and movement. She envisions painting as her "fantasy courts" and employs dynamic line work to illustrate magic; how a shape on a page can also be a vision of a physical body moving through space.

In our new series by Bergart, available now on Exhibition A, we are offering seven of her cyanotypes. A radiant blue, the monochrome hue of the medium allows for heightened focus on the subject at hand: an emphasis on women's important role in sports, an integral inclusion to the narrative of athleticism that is oft left uncelebrated as part of the male dominated industry. Bergart's free-flowing collaged-like imagery mimics the women on the court: dribbling, shooting, celebrating, and slam-dunking on the competition.

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