Rocket Boom :1
Rocket Boom :1 Rocket Boom :1

DIMENSIONS 14" x 10"  MEDIUM oil on stretched linen

Embellished work from series of 9, 2017
Signed and dated on reverse

Rocket Boom explores a new element of Michael Kagan's spatial subject matter: velocity. In our previous collaborations, Kagan immortalized the astronaut as a hero of modern society, filling the entirety of his compositions with their looming majestic statures. In his new unique silkscreen series, he shifted his focus to the fiery rumble of the rocket ship; an iconic cultural moment from the John Glenn 1962 Mercury Atlas launch. By shifting his gaze onto the technological awe of the mechanisms that allow for space travel, Kagan successfully pivots from specificity to an abstracted rumination on progress and the unknown, which is further emphasized by his rendering of the image via his newly evolved silkscreen technique. 

Each work features three unique silkscreen layers: the linen is sprayed with oil paint before an oil paint layer is silkscreened directly on stretched linen, with the final layer being pulled oil paint layered directly by the artist. Each piece contains unique variants. 

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