Skull Bunny
Skull Bunny Skull Bunny Skull Bunny

DIMENSIONS 21.75" x 17.75" MEDIUM paper

Open edition, 2014

This image has made appearances in Prince's paintings, trucker hats, a surfboard, a limited edition portfolio, and in a monograph published by the Whitney Museum of American Art. Playboy, however, was not amused and "asked" for their removal - a request to which the Whitney obliged. Ironically, Richard Prince later shot an editorial for Playboy magazine featuring a model wearing his skull bunny t-shirt. Here, the image appears on a paper bag, an object originally contributed in the early 1990s to the art benefit "Learn to Read," sponsored by Art Metropole.

This is an open edition, unsigned and not numbered. Piece comes framed in black. Framed dimensions are 21 1/4 x 17 1/4 in.