Soft Candy Soft 07
Soft Candy Soft 07 Soft Candy Soft 07 Soft Candy Soft 07

DIMENSIONS 28.5 x 25.5 in (72.39 x 64.77 cm) MEDIUM Acrylic paint, archival pigment print on Hahnemuhle museum etching paper

Hand-embellished series of 20 + 5APs + 2PPs, 2022
Signed and numbered by the artist on front

Jia’s work celebrates a cast of recurring characters, many of which are derived from popular culture influences as well as anthropomorphic objects and animals. Perhaps most notable is a Quentin Tarantino-esque bride—the protagonist in Jia’s rather cinematic universe, often depicted through fiercely energized expression and comedic examination.

The Bride as we know her contains a spirit of nonchalance and fearlessness. It is through her famously zany adventures that we have come to appreciate and love her. This new series, however, dives into the lesser-known side to The Bride’s journey—that of self improvement, reflection, and existentialism.

In conjunction with The Bride’s introspection is Jia’s own analysis of herself as a painter. Much like the spontaneous disposition of her characters, Jia has embraced the impromptu as evidenced in the many gestural marks seen in these works. Remodeling the relationship between line and color, Jia has sprinkled in clues that ultimately tell a larger story. Using painting as a visual narrative has always been the goal in building upon this universe of outlandish personalities. Even still, Jia relinquishes control of this medium in her process, leaving something to be revealed, even to the artist herself.

In Soft Candy Soft, our first collaboration with the artist, Jia hand-finished a series of 20 prints building a multitude of narratives from a singular foundation.

Yirui Jia (b. 1997, China) currently lives and works in New York, NY. She recently graduated from the School of Visual Arts with a Masters of Fine Arts in May of 2022. Past solo and group shows have been exhibited at JUPITER, Miami Beach, FL (2022), LKIF Gallery, Seoul, South Korea (2022), IRL Gallery, Brooklyn, NY (2022), We Space,
Shanghai, China (2022), Tang Contemporary Art, Beijing, China (2022), Latitude Gallery, New York, NY (2022), TUBE Culture Hall, Milan, Italy (2022), Bill Brady Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (2022), LATITUDE GALLERY, New York, NY (2022), Each Modern, Taipei, Taiwan (2022), Hive Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China (2021), We Space Gallery, Shanghai, China (2021), New Collectors, New York, NY (2021), WerkStadt, Berlin, Germany (2021), and Tree Art Museum, Beijing, China (2021).

Jia’s current breakout solo show 12 Brides is now on view at Bill Brady Gallery, Los Angeles thru November 8th, 2022.

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