Tile Render (Tyvek)
Tile Render (Tyvek) Tile Render (Tyvek) Tile Render (Tyvek) Tile Render (Tyvek)

DIMENSIONS 11" x 8.75" x .5" MEDIUM 3D powder printed wall sculpture with UV varnish

Limited edition of 8, 2015
Accompanied by certificate of authenticity signed and numbered by the artist

Ethan Greenbaum engages a range of digital and sculptural tools to transform imagery found in our built environment into a new visual language—recently, vacuum formed photographs and 3D powder printed sculptures. To create his new series of low relief 3D wall sculptures, Greenbaum made dimensional scans of construction supplies and then layered photographs and vector images onto their surfaces. In this case, recreations of the Tyvek housing wrap logo has been printed onto scans of a ceiling tile and air vent. This series collapses layers of infrastructure into a single plane. Greenbaum's use of logos also suggests the way that brands can envelop various materialities.

Each piece is engraved on the back with the edition number and artist’s signature. The sculpture should be handled with care; pick up by edges only.