Voyage 08

DIMENSIONS 19.5" x 25.5" MEDIUM acrylic, flashe, and digital print on 100% cotton twill fabric with nylon coil zipper

Hand-embellished series of 25, 2020
Signed and numbered by the artist on front

Sarah Kim delves into a surreal realm built on seams, folds, and stitching. Her central body of work is constructed using old clothing, exploring memory through dreamlike scenes. Her new edition, Voyage, plays with depths of space, inviting the viewer to question reality through the use of trompe l'oeil. Printed on cotton twill and embellished with acrylic and flashe, the zipper functions like a curtain revealing what is behind the scenes.

Voyage was released in November 2020 in conjunction with Sarah Kim's three-person exhibition at Marvin Gardens alongside Adrianne Rubenstein and Rachel Eulena Williams. Kim's previous group exhibitions include presentations at Tchotchke Gallery (New York), Half Gallery (New York), Smart Objects (Los Angeles), and Mana Contemporary (Jersey City) among others. In 2020, Kim was selected for The Macedonia Institute Residency.

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