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Ross Simonini

Milk Heaven (2022) is our first collaboration with Ross Simonini. We also previously released his original Books of Formation (2018) and Prospect Drawings (2016), works on paper.

Ross Simonini is an artist, writer and composer living in New York City and the California redwoods. He has shown his work at the Sharjah Biennial 13, Shoot the Lobster, Martos Gallery, Fredericks and Freiser, Andrew Edlin Gallery, Jack Hanley Gallery, Kimberly Klark Gallery, Vacancy, and Human Resources. His first novel, The Book of Formation was published by Melville House/Penguin Random House. He regularly contributes to Interview, The New York Times, McSweeneys, The Paris Review, frieze, ArtReview, Mousse, and Art in America. He teaches seminars on a variety of subjects at Columbia University.