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In Edition 02 of our ongoing Curator Series, Brad Phillips curated a group exhibition featuring works on paper by Cristine Brache, Danny Ische-Knoblauch, Ella Flood, René Kemp, Maud Madsen, Emiliano Maggi, Uman, Michelle Uckotter, and Frances Waite. 

Armed with a fervent encyclopedic knowledge of art, artist Brad Phillips has spent years curating a stream of consciousness style group show under the Instagram account @brad_phillips_group_show. The account garnered an engaged following, in part, because Brad has no agenda other than sharing great art. In his typical deadpan fashion, Brad remarks, “There is a popular idea in sociology that ten thousand hours doing something makes one an expert. Therefore, after decades spent making and looking at art, I am capable of distinguishing between bad, good, and exceptional works of art with seconds. The pieces in this show represent the latter, having been encountered while scrolling through visual art on Instagram. I hope people enjoy this selection of work, which is admittedly aligned with my own obscure taste.”