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Brian Calvin

Beatrice (2015) is our first collaboration with Brian Calvin. The following year, we partnered to release Bloomer (2016). 

Brian Calvin (b. 1969, Visalia, CA) has held solo exhibitions at Anton Kern Gallery (New York), Almine Rech (Brussels, Paris), Corbett vs. Dempsey (Chicago), Corvi-Mora (London), Gallery Met at The Metropolitan Opera (New York), Le Consortium (Dijon), Marc Foxx (Los Angeles), and Gallery Side 2 (Tokyo). Select group exhibitions include presentations at WOAW Gallery (Hong Kong), WHAT Museum (Tokyo), Tif Sigfrids (New York), Almine Rech (Shanghai), Andréhn Schiptjenko (Stockholm), Karma (Amagansett, NY), Gavin Brown’s Enterprise (New York), Maccarone (New York), Half Gallery (New York), and the Rubell Family Collection (Miami). Calvin lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.