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Elliott Arkin

Elliott Arkin designed the Andy Warhol Jewelry Collection for the Warhol Foundation and exhibited in the 2010 and 2012 Brucennials. Arkin got his start designing window displays for Tiffany’s and building a special effects models and 3D animation character designs. These early experiences continue to inform his art, which operates in the spaces between high art and popular culture. Arkin's sculptures are currently in several major permanent collections, including the Louvre Museum’s Musee des Arts Decoratifs and the New York Public Library. In keeping with his refusal to adhere to traditional hierarchies, Arkin has also spearheaded several art-entrepreneurial projects while his sculptures have gained a large following and are owned by prominent curators, critics and artists, including Robert Storr and Maurizio Cattelan.

He is also the founder and Executive Director of Mister ArtSee, a mobile arts platform designed to be a national symbol advocating the arts and arts education.