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Grace Weaver

finale (2018) is our first collaboration with Grace Weaver.


Grace Weaver (b. Burlington, VT) has held solo exhibitions at Galerie Max Hetzler (London), James Cohan Gallery (New York), Soy Capitán (Berlin), Oldenburger Kunstverein, Koppe Astner (Glasgow), Thierry Goldberg (New York), and Kunstverein Reutlingen (Reutlingen, Germany), among others. Select group exhibitions include presentations at Spurs Gallery (Beijing), Van Horn (Dusseldorf), Albertz Benda (New York), Kapp Kapp Gallery (Philadelphia), Jessica Silverman Gallery (San Francisco), The Armory Show with Jeffrey Deitch (New York), Galerie Petra Martinetz (Cologne), Aros Museum (Aarhus, Germany), V1 Gallery (Copenhagen), and Simone Subal (New York). Weaver currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.