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Monica Kim Garza

We've collaborated with Monica Kim Garza on two separate occasions to create two distinct hand-finished series: Dance Party (2020) and Mah Gah Ree Tah (2022), the latter was accompanied by a standard print edition. 

Monica Kim Garza (b. 1988 Alamogordo, NM) has held solo exhibitions at Galerie Julien Cadet (Paris), Soco Gallery (Charlotte), The Hole (New York), Ruttkowski;68 (Cologne), V1 Gallery (Copenhagen), New Image Art Gallery (Los Angeles, CA), Groupe/ANON (New York), and Lily Robert (Paris). Select group exhibitions include presentations at Utah Museum of Contemporary Art (Salt Lake City), Volery Gallery (Dubai), and Taubman Museum (Roanoke, VA) among many others. Garza holds a BFA in Painting/Drawing from the California College of Arts. She lives and works in Atlanta, GA.