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Walter Robinson

Walter Robinson (b. 1950, Wilmington, DE) is a New York artist and art critic. He has been called a "neo-Pop" painter, as well as a member of the 1980s "Pictures Generation." His work features painterly images taken from the covers of romance-novel paperbacks as well as still-lifes of cheeseburgers, french fries and beer, and pharmaceutical products. A 2014 survey exhibition of Robinson's paintings included more than 90 works dating from 1979 to 2014. It premiered at the University Galleries in Normal, IL, and subsequently appeared in Philadelphia at the Moore College of Art, and made a final stop in fall 2016 to inaugurate the Jeffrey Deitch gallery in SoHo. As an art writer, Robinson was news editor of Art in America magazine (1980-96) and founding editor of Artnet Magazine (1996-2012). In 2013-14 he was a columnist for, where he coined the term Zombie Formalism to describe a kind of process-based abstraction.