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Explosion in Parts:
A New Monoprint Series
by Cristina de Miguel

About The Artist

Cristina de Miguel is not just an artist; she's a storyteller whose canvas narrates tales of emotion intertwined with form. With each brushstroke, she bridges the gap between disciplined precision and the wild spontaneity of creation. Her paintings are a dialogue, inviting viewers into a world where iconographic depictions seamlessly merge with raw, passionate expressions. For Cristina, the artwork is more than the subject it portrays; it's a celebration of painting itself — its essence, materiality, and the captivating dance of fragmented figures across the canvas.

Her acclaim in the art world is evident in her illustrious exhibition history. In 2023, her work has been exhibited with Marquez Art Projects in Miami, alongside Jenny Brosinski at New York's Almine Rech Gallery, and at Villa Magdalenda in San Sebastian, Spain. Previous exhibitions include shows with V1 Gallery in Copenhagen, Fredericks & Freiser, NY, among others.



About The Work

Explosion in Parts represents a marriage of traditional printmaking and de Miguel's unfiltered artistic expression. Cristina de Miguel collaborated with Exhibition A, master printmakers Marginal Editions, and Shore Publishing to craft this innovative series of large-scale monoprints.

Explosion in Parts, 2023

Edition: Monoprint series of 20 + 2APs + 2PPs

Medium: Silkscreen monoprint and hand-painted linocut in 17 colors on 330 gsm Coventry Rag paper

Size: 49.125 x 36.00 inches / 125.00 x 91.44 cm

The Process


Explosion in Parts began in Cristina's studio, where she transformed large sheets of frosted mylar into unique canvases. Channeling the essence of her practice — distinct, intuitive, enlivened gestures — Cristina began with a matrix sketch that served as a foundational guide.


She then painted directly on the mylar sheets, creating individual layers that would later be converted into silkscreens by printmaker Brad Ewing of Marginal Editions. From there, the work moved into the world of linoleum printing with Mae Shore of Shore Publishing. Cristina painted on the linoleum just as she did with the mylar. Envisioning a bold experiment wherein Cristina would paint directly onto the inked linoleum, masterfully carved by Ewing and Shore, the linoleum reflecting the artist’s unique paintings. Blending structured printmaking techniques with freehand gestures, Cristina then painted onto each piece of freshly inked linoleum for each print. This experimental dual carve-and-paint technique created Explosion in Parts, a series of innovative monoprints that merge specificity with spontaneity, each figure endowed with a singular heartbeat, pulsating with Cristina's characteristic fluid expression. Tracing a journey from Brooklyn to Tuxedo, NY and back, Cristina’s meticulously carved and painted prints returned to Brooklyn, where they received final silkscreen layers.

Cristina de Miguel

"The marks are spontaneous and talk about the moment.

The prints have that quality that I was looking for, of immediacy and freshness."