Blood Pressure
Blood Pressure Blood Pressure

MEDIUM cast hydrocoal cement and acrylic paint DIMENSIONS 4 1/8" x 3 1/4", base and figurine

Signed limited edition of 50, 2016

Exhibition A is pleased to announce the release of the first sculpture edition by Walter Robinson made in collaboration with Mister ArtSee. Titled Blood Pressure, the sculpture features two prescription pill bottles posed side by side on a low platform, in a direct reference to Jasper Johns' painted bronze Ale Cans (1960). Robinson's still lifes have a "confessional character," according to the critic Donald Kuspit, suggesting both self-indulgence and a resistance to temptation. Blood Pressure emulates both the classical restraint of Morandi's rows of bottles and the mass-market satire of Duchamp's assisted readymades. Robinson created Blood Pressure in collaboration with Mister ArtSee, a custom presenting vehicle that brings the arts to underserved communities. The sculptures are hand-painted and vary slightly from one another, making each work an original.

Proceeds from the edition will be donated to Mister ArtSee.
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