101 Storage Hacks... (Detail)
101 Storage Hacks... (Detail) 101 Storage Hacks... (Detail) 101 Storage Hacks... (Detail) 101 Storage Hacks... (Detail) 101 Storage Hacks... (Detail) 101 Storage Hacks... (Detail) 101 Storage Hacks... (Detail)

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DIMENSIONS 6 x 8 in (15.24 x 20.32 cm) MEDIUM UV print on paper, 5-ply baltic birch, hand-cut by the artist,  in custom laser engraved wooden box

Each puzzle is uniquely hand-cut by the artist.

Edition of 15, 2022

Certificate of Authenticity signed and numbered by Exhibition A



 Puzzle Time is an ongoing project by Morgan Blair. Blair writes:

"I started cutting puzzles in 2016, inspired by family tradition, a love of the medium and craft, and a desire to collaborate with friends and contemporaries in a way I hadn't seen done before. My grandpa Mac made puzzles for decades starting some time in the 1980s, and my uncle Stephen picked it up sometime later, both of them together having hand-cut countless puzzles for family and friends over the years.

I've always loved poring over their puzzles and getting lost in the task of finding pattern and order in the chaos of pieces. The images they used were mostly torn from magazines, calendars and postcards, or any ephemera that looked like it would make a fun and challenging puzzle, and a copy of the final picture was never included with the puzzle for reference. When I decided I wanted to learn the craft, I knew I wanted to work with imagery made by contemporary artists around me, whose repeating motifs, detail, and particular compositional choices would be challenging to put together once cut into pieces, and exciting to study up-close, through a new lens.

Putting together a disassembled picture piece by piece allows us to understand its visual elements in new, unexpected ways, particularly without having the complete picture for reference to tell us how it should be oriented, or what it is we're even looking at. For this project, I've made an edition of puzzles from a detail of my own painting to go along with a print edition of the same piece. As such, you could use the complete painting for reference in putting together the puzzle, but I'd encourage you to go at it blind - it's more fun!"


Morgan Blair (b. 1986, Worcester, MA) lives and works  in Queens, NY. In addition to numerous group shows, Blair has held solo exhibitions with The Journal Gallery, New York (2019); The Hole, New York (2019, 2017); Tennis Elbow, Brooklyn, NY (2018); Left Field, San Luis Obispo, CA (2018). Blair will be participating in upcoming group shows at Library Street Collective, Detroit, MI and Marvin Gardens, Brooklyn, NY.

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