Every other day
Every other day Every other day Every other day Every other day

DIMENSIONS 23.5" x 27.75" MEDIUM unique silkscreen variants on shaped panel

Limited edition of 35, 2016
Accompanied by certificate of authenticity signed and numbered by the artist

Greg Bogin's iconic shaped-canvases demonstrate his ongoing exploration of minimalism and geometric abstraction, as well as his affinity for the aesthetics of cycling paraphernalia, science fiction, and vernacular source materials like road signs and corporate logos. His latest paintings, from which this edition was created, aim to provide a respite from the world; a joyful and optimistic "refuge from heavyosity." In Every other day, Bogin's neon gradients tap into the limitless color field presented by artificial and electric light, evoking the mesmerizing glow found in the dim hum of computer screens or airbrushed beach-town sunsets. 

Each of the 35 quarter-inch thick panels are hand made and vary slightly for originality, signed and ready for hanging. Do not hang in direct sunlight.


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