From Le Cri III
From Le Cri III From Le Cri III From Le Cri III From Le Cri III

DIMENSIONS 30.5" x 28.5" MEDIUM silkscreen on paper

Limited edition of 35, 2013
Signed on the front by the artist and accompanied by certificate of authenticity

Anne-Lise Coste's airbrush and gesso paintings on canvas fuse the intuitive mark-making of Expressionism with the mechanized paint application of Pop. Cropping details and obsessively revisiting certain marks, she raises existential questions through the recontextualization of the social and political content of Picasso's regarded masterpiece. Coste says, "I don't want to believe the art and the artist cannot be critical and straightforward. I hope my integrity is my power, I don't succumb to cynicism and disillusion, I re-assemble Guernica together, tableaux by tableaux. Working freehand and having faith in the first gesture, I scream with the screamers: merde a la guerre."