Lovely Earthshine
Lovely Earthshine Lovely Earthshine

DIMENSIONS 12" x 16" MEDIUM oil on linen

Hovering between pure abstraction and traditional landscape painting, there is Alan Prazniak, whose work simultaneously recalls the lyrical movement of a Kandinsky and the tropical narrative of a Gauguin. In line with the artist’s larger body of work, Lovely Earthshine, Soft Drama, Toad Pastoral, now available through Exhibition A, offer captivating studies on the interplay of light, form, and color. Achieving effects typically found only in pastel or watercolor, Prazniak renders his delicate meditations on light with intensely hued oil paint, dabbled onto linen. His carefully balanced, harmonious compositions and lightness of form are starkly juxtaposed by the jagged edges of the work, the violent termination of brushstrokes, which leave the bare canvas exposed, and lend the work a further sense of dynamism.

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