Miami Beach LIKE
Miami Beach LIKE Miami Beach LIKE Miami Beach LIKE

DIMENSIONS 17.25" x 23.25" MEDIUM corrugated plastic (coroplast) 

Limited edition of 80, 2012
Signed and dated by the artist on reverse

Mark Flood's LIKE signs were first seen in 2012 at a hotel room pop-up exhibition during the thick of art fair season. Quickly taken and redistributed, these signs found themselves all around the Miami area from NADA to A-Rod's batting cage. With this action, Flood externalized the act of "liking" content via social media and "illuminated the enslavement of the human race by Facebook." In an Interview article, Flood spoke about his work in relation to the images we approve with the swift click of a button: "In reality, my work has nothing to do with the celebrities, nothing to do with them. It is about us, and why we like pictures of people that stare at us."

This edition contains variants as they were hand-signed on the beach by the artist.