Pepper Pepper Pepper Pepper

DIMENSIONS 12" x 18" MEDIUM archival pigment print

Limited edition of 25, 2017
Accompanied by certificate of authenticity signed and numbered by the artist

Charred matches and a cigarette butt, the verisimilitude of which prompts an olfactory response; smoke, tar. Crumpled tissues and college-ruled papers punctuated by grocery lists, sell-by dates, and circular Made in China stickers. The mundane collection of items that create a narrative and define a life are endlessly enlivened by Rachel Hecker throughout her body of work. In her recent solo exhibition, Exhibition Title Goes Here, at yours mine & ours gallery (New York), Hecker showcased her technical ability via airbrushed renderings of the aforementioned objects, as well as demonstrated her cinematic understanding of character by illustrating the non-linear collection of images and references which amount to a personality.

Hecker's paintings simultaneously evoke distance – the artist's hand is absent in the airbrushed objects that are uncannily recontexualized in the case of human-sized air fresheners and gumdrops as big as a watermelon – and closeness, given the intimately derived subject matter. In our two new editions by Hecker, available separately and exclusive to Exhibition A, the mega-utilitarian seasoning packets are imbued with a meditative quality, as we are confronted with the desire to slow down and truly see what is otherwise ubiquitous, thus realizing the reflective magnitude of painting's potential.

Framing option is white or black painted wood, 7/8” wide flat face and 7/8” deep, with UV acrylic glass.

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