The Cloisters

DIMENSIONS 46" x 36" MEDIUM oil on canvas

Hailing from South Africa, painter Shaun Ellson is primarily inspired by his natural surroundings and the inherent spiritualism of the organic world. Ellison is currently based in New York, where he has created his most recent body of work from which Exhibition A is now offering two new paintings: The Cloisters and Meeting Point.

Highlighting different elements of Ellison's practice, the two paintings underscore his interest in illustrating the human condition via form and color. In The Cloisters, Ellison worked from a photograph of a lone figure embarking on a leisurely stroll at the iconic Met Cloisters, emphasizing solitude through distorted perspective, line, and shadow. Contrastingly, Meeting Point is an imagined scene based on Ellison's recent fascination with equestrian subject matter, its exuberance bursting forth and reflecting the influence of friend and mentor Katherine Bradford.

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