The Weight of My Yolk
The Weight of My Yolk The Weight of My Yolk

DIMENSIONS 16" x 14" MEDIUM archival pigment print with artist-made glazed stoneware frame

Limited edition of 15 + 2APs + 1PP, 2020
Signed by the artist en verso

In Stephanie Temma Hier's sculptural paintings, impossible entanglements drip with verisimilitude despite their artifice. Digitally influenced images are transcribed in paint and clay, creating an uncanny linkage between representation and physicality. The consumption rate of the image is stalled and this consideration turns into proliferation, an infringing physical reality, an echo of matter like how one passing thought can overtake an entire day. The Weight of My Yolk examines two similar forms of nature: an egg and a flower. There is visual harmony among these objects, centers of vibrant yellow surrounded by soft white, yet tension arises as one considers how this exposure was made possible, with eggs cracked open by absent hands and flowers remaining untouched.


Stephanie Temma Hier's solo exhibitions include Swallowing the Pit at Gallery Vacancy (Shanghai), Spring Now Comes Unheralded at Franz Kaka (Toronto), Gridded and Girdled at Y2K group (New York), Walnuts and pears you plant for your heirs at David Dale Gallery (Glasgow), Part and Parcel at Downs & Ross (New York), Be true to your teeth and they won't be false to you at NEOCHROME (Turin), and HERE'S THE CATCH at JOHANNES VOGT (New York). Group exhibitions have been held at Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran (Montreal), PLUS-ONE Gallery (Antwerp), Thierry Goldberg Gallery (New York), Bureau (New York), Et al. (San Francisco), and Ed. Varie (New York) among others. Hier lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

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