Sohaib Sohaib Sohaib Sohaib Sohaib Sohaib Sohaib Sohaib Sohaib

Sohaib, attache’ to the Frenglish East India Company in Bengal. A dashing man and capable fighter. 

20" x 15.5" MEDIUM Mica Flake Silkscreen and Inkjet on Rives BFK Paper

Limited edition of 15 + 3APs + 2 PPs, 2021 
Signed and numbered by the artist en verso 

Each print is accompanied by a 7" x 5" archival pigment print on Rives BFK paper that serves as a key to decipher each character's tattoos.


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      Rashid's work uses the detailed history of the fictional Frenglish Empire (1658-1880) to focus on the stories and reinvented histories of people of color who can take on any and every role within his construct. In his own words, "the main focus of my work is the stories and reinvented histories of people of color, who are oftentimes marginalized and omitted from the historical record, and the intricacies of race, gender, class, and overall power in the colonial world.  In the process of writing and illustrating this history, I’ve created alternative narratives that reference the main narrative and focus on the cosmologies of the empires, with a focus on religion and spirituality.  And the common thread throughout the work (aside from the written narrative) employs iconography as a place marker between past, present, and future. This element is realized in the oeuvre in the “Imperial Tattoo System” ( a classifying mechanism I use to define and differentiate the characters in the story) and within the maps, and cosmological diagrams.

      The narrative is also massively informed by the hip hop culture of my youth (golden age), various (modern and ancient) pop culture references, gang and prison culture, and revolutionary movements throughout time."

      This series of 4 editioned prints is a perfect illustration of how his practice brings together our understanding of the historical record with the visual language of contemporary popular culture. Each print, composed of Mica flakes, silkscreen, and inkjet on Rives BFK paper, is accompanied by a key that deciphers the tattoos on each character.

      Umar Rashid is the civilian name of the artist Frohawk Two Feathers (b. 1976, Chicago, IL). He lives and works in Los Angeles. His work illustrates the complex history of his imagined Frenglish Empire from 1648 to 1880, evocatively presenting the narratives of his characters.

      Rashid is represented by Blum & Poe and in fall 2021, presented his first solo exhibition, En Garde / On God, with the gallery. Other solo and group shows include presentations at Hammer Museum (Los Angeles), Transformative Arts Now (Los Angeles), Tiwani Contemporary (London), New Image Art (Los Angeles), Johannes Vogt (New York), Cokkie Snoei (Rotterdam, Netherlands), Jeffery Deitch (Los Angeles), Studio d Arte Raffaeli (Trento, Italy), and the Cape Town Art Fair at the Tyburn Gallery (Cape Town, South Africa). Umar's work has found a place in a number of prestigious permanent collections, including Zeitz Mocaa, The Hudson River Museum, Conseil Regional de la Guadeloupe and The Brooklyn Museum. He was awarded the City Of Los Angeles Master Artist Fellowship in 2020-21 and a California Community Foundation Grant in 2017.

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