Whatever Whatever Whatever Whatever Whatever

DIMENSIONS 10" x 15" / 15" x 22" / 20" x 30" MEDIUM archival pigment print

Limited editions of 50, 2012
Accompanied by certificate of authenticity signed and numbered by the artist

Drawn from the eccentric mind of William Eadon, this print showcases the artist's unconventional and humorous way of working. Trained in both fashion design and fine art, Eadon's unprejudiced approach to ideation has led him to collaborate with a diverse range of people, from Cynthia Rowley to Jason Nocito to Nike. It may be worth heeding Eadon's advice, that sometimes "letting go of something often brings the finest results."

Framing option is black or white painted wood, 7/8" wide flat face and 7/8" deep, with UV acrylic glass.